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Era somente uma criança  
Obra de Tapa
Ludovico Pérez
32 páginas
Medidas:15 x 6,5 cm

Este libro contiene el tema “Era sólo un niño”, en español, inglés y portugués. Aquí transcribimos la versión en inglés

I was only a child
I’m an addict. I’m so sorry. Is is too late.
I’m in a hospital ward and, seeing my parentes’ cry, I think that I will die.
Maybe I have AIDS. They do not say, but I see there is no hope.
My chest aches. I suffer. I can hardly sleep.
I scream and see that those around me watch and do nothing. What’s happening?
Can’t they hear or is there no sedative for this unremmitting pain?
I dream of grandmother, of her sweet caresses. If she vere by me... but she isn’t.
Nor are my friends.
Only my parents, exhausted in their own suffering, are unable to feel mine.
Powerless ass I am, they’ve tied me to my bed.
Feeble as an old man at only twenty.
I recall wuen someone asked:
Do you want to fly?
I accepted, but swear: I did not know!
Y was only thirteen, a child yet!
Then I could not leave the drugs.
I begged, stole and offended to embrace it, I signed a contract whith death...
But she will not take me yet.
She has me in this hospital, suffering.
Dying bit by bit...
Please forgibe me.


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